GoalKeeper: an Accountability service

Goalkeeper enables you to invest in your ambitions. You must bet on your goals, and get your friends to do the same. Whoever reaches the goal, shares the pot. I am currently implementating the prototype, which is a proof of concept, focusing on fitness goals. It is a web app built with the MERN stack: MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js.

ParallelAR: An augmented reality app and instructional approach for learning parallel programming scheduling concepts

Recent publication: Students tend to struggle with turning the abstract, higher level concepts of parallel programming into concrete mental models. Analogies are known to aid in this knowledge transfer, by providing an existing schema as the basis for the formation of a new schema. Combining these ideas, this paper presents a set of collaborative learning activities to target fundamental scheduling concepts, a detailed analogy to assist in the understanding of the scheduling concepts, and an augmented reality application to facilitate the collaborative learning activity by bringing the analogy to life.

Signal to Emotion: An Experiment on Player Experience Evaluation with a Consumer-grade EEG Device

In this study, we explored the potential of a consumer-grade EEG device in player experience evaluation compared to the questionnaire approach. Results show that the device provides somewhat matching data with the questionnaire and potentially further information about the momentary player experience. The study is based on play sessions during which brainwave data is recorded with a consumer-grade BCI device that passively monitors the brainwaves. Questionnaires are used as a basis for analysis while session observations are used as supportive components for qualitative analysis.

Enhanced Error Messages

Compiler error messages are known to be cryptic and misleading, and thus produce a barrier to real feedback for novice programmers. To aid in the challenges of debugging, I developed a web tool to enhance the experience of novice programmers by improving compiler error messages and how they are presented to the user. This web app is built using Ember.js and relied heavily on the ivy-codemirror add-on.